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Dedegumo watches are water-resistent for up to 3 bars. (The watches of the intro series are not water-resistent.)

When a watch is placed in an area where there is high humidity for a long time, like a bathroom, it may affect the function of the watch. Please avoid placing your watch in these areas.

Dew condensation can occur inside a watch when it is placed in two separate environments with different temperatures. (This also happens with reading glasses.) A watch with dew condensation will return back to its former condition after a little while.

The watches are processed with a unique coating-blend to prevent green rusting over time.
Water resistant watches use mineral-glass, while non-water-resistant watches use reinforced plastic.

Dedegumo watch bands are made of cow leather.

You should avoid placing Dedegumo watches near magnetic objects such as mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, audio speakers, microwave ovens, etc.
When using a computer for a long time, please take off your watch.
If a watch comes close to any of the objects above, it will stop, because the movement (the group of metal parts inside of a watch) has a magnetic part and is attracted to magnetic objects.
The movement will be set back to normal as long as you place it at least 5 centimeters away from a magnetic object. Then, you should be able to adjust the time and use the watch normally again.
If the watch is placed near magnetic things constantly, it may become magnetized.
If a watch becomes magnetized, we can remove the magnetization from it for you.

Battery watches

All dedegumo watches are hand made, but the movement of each watch is a ready-made part produced by a Japanese watch maker, such as SEIKO or CITIZEN. Therefore, if you need to replace your watch battery, any watch store in your area can do it for you.
You can save your watches battery power, by releasing the crown in order to stop the hands from moving, especially when you are not using it.

(Quartz calender watches)
Please do not set the date and the day of the week (the calender) when the watch's hands indicate a time between 9 PM and 6 AM as this could damage the movement’s accuracy. It is ok to set the time between these hours, but the date and the day of the week should be set at another time of day in order to avoid damage to a watches movement.

The power consumption of Quartz calender watches and Sun-and Moon Quartz watches is greater than normal quartz watches.
Also, the power consumption of watches with long & wide hands is greater than watches with short & small hands. Therefore, their battery life may be shorter.
The Case-size (the length in diameter) of a watch doesn't influence battery life.

Mechanical watches

(Hand-wound watches)
You only need to wind the crown of a mechanical watch when you want to use it, but it is best to wind it at least once a month, even if you cannot use it for a longer period of time.
If you use your mechanical watch everyday, we suggest you to wind it at the same time each day.

(Hand-wound watches that also have automatic winding)
Please shake your watch up and down at least 50 times when you use for the first time. After doing so, the watch will work all day, because it generates the power to wind itself, by the movement of your wrist.
Although these watches wind automatically, the automatically generated power may not be enough. Therefore, we suggest that you also wind it by hand, just in case.

The average daily delay of a mechanical Dedegumo watch is about 30 seconds.
(The average monthly delay is about 15 minutes) So please adjust the time every day that you wear your mechanical Dedegumo watch.


Watch makers suggest that a mechanical watch be overhauled every 3 to 5 years. The watch parts are made of metal, so they will deteriorate over time due to a lack of oil.
An overhaul will refurbish a watch that has deteriorated.
In general, an overhaul is expensive. In our case, we suggest that you replace the movement instead of overhauling your watch, because it can be replaced for a reasonable fee. (replacing the movement costs 4,428 yen)

Dedegumo watches are covered under a one-year warranty in Japan.
We cannot guarantee this warranty if a watch is used outside of Japan. If your watch needs to be repaired, please contact us by email or by submitting the request form through our contact page on our official web site.