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dedegumo KYOTO

For every precious moment.We, the staff at Dedegumo, continue to make be autifully handcrafted works of art

The Dedegumo brand is a Kyoto-based shop founded in 1997. We have 2 shops, the Shirakawadorishinbashi shop and the Yasakakamimachii shop, in the Millenium City, Kyoto.

All of our timepieces are handmade at our shops where our artisans combine fine, traditional Japanese craftsmanship with quality and stunningly unique designs.


We are dedicated to admiring the history, culture, and nature of Kyoto. They inspire the ideas for our creations.

We also create innovative and modern designs that give our products an incomparable style, like no other.

Each watch is handcrafted individually, no two watches are exactly the same.


All Dedegumo watches are water-resistant for up to 3 bars, except for the Intro Series.

The watches are processed with a unique coating-blend to prevent green rusting over time.

Our watch movements are made in Japan by popular Japanese watch makers such as Seiko and Citizen. The quality of every watch is checked by a skilled artisan with a watch repairing certification.